Cindy Rosar, MSc

Cindy Rosar
Speech therapist, Vienna, second district

The musical surroundings and stimulation of a preschool child not only have a positive effect on their phonological awareness (preparatory skills for the alphabetic phase and consequently for literacy acquisition), but much more importantly, a generally supportive influence on their language development can be assumed based on the joint cortical processing processes.

Even as babies, children are particularly responsive to the rhythmical elements of language, which they in turn use to acquire the language themselves. Connecting music and linguistically didactically developed text elements, as done in the project Speech Games Song (SprachSpielGesang) – as foreseen by this new method – thus promotes language acquisition on two elementary levels, thereby attaining great efficiency.

The music is modern and very appealing. From a logopedic perspective, the construction of the texts deserves particular praise!!! The songs have clear grammatical focuses. This is highly recommendable from a speech therapy point of view, especially to facilitate the first steps with grammatical structures for children with difficulties by using input-specific texts.